Malawi Govt officials snub meeting on Susu


Chanco Child Rights Clinic Supervisors, Professor Garton Kamchedzera, says he is disappointed with duty bearers for failing to attend the meeting that was aimed to discuss issues regarding Chinese national Lu Ke also known as Susu.

Prof. Kamchedzera said this to journalists ahead of the child rights clinic accountability dialogue at University of Malawi in Zomba.

He said as a clinic, they are very disappointed to see the people who are supposed to work for Malawians shunning the meeting.

Kamchedzera said this is a clear indication that these duty bearers are not concerned and not ready to protect children in this country.

“It’s hard to believe that those who were given the job of protecting children and they receive tax payers money are the ones who are not concerned with the children’s rights, despite being their duty.” Said Kamchedzera.

He said this is an indication that Malawi is not ready to protect children in this country and that duty bearers are not serious and they do not know their duty to the country.

“We wrote each and every duty bearers like the Ministry of Gender but they said they cannot come because they have other important duties, their absence has spoken on a loud voice and we will proceed with our plans,” said Kamchedzera.

The Chanco Child Rights Clinic’s President Comfort Mankhwazi said they are angry and disappointed for the failure of the duty bearers to the meeting.

She said the videos that Susu posted on the internet are still there, which shows that the government is not serious with the issue.

She was concerned with the way the children from Njewa are stuck in poverty while Susu made a lot of money from the videos of these children.

“I therefore call upon NGOs that works on child rights to come forward and help Njewa children to fight for their rights and also psychological help,” she said.

Among those duty bearers that failed to attend the meeting was Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Local Government, Office of the President and Cabinet, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Chinese Embassy.

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