Devotion: Where are you found often?

Joh 18:1-2 “After Jesus had said all of this, he went with his disciples across the Kidron valley to a place where there was a garden, which he and his disciples entered.  Now Judas, who betrayed him, also knew the place, because Jesus often met there with his disciples.”

Judas was able to predict that Jesus would be found in Gethsemane at a specific time in the day. The Bible tells us that Jesus often met with his disciples to pray. It wasn’t a single day that they went there, it was a custom for them to pray in the garden.

Your everyday habits determine your outcome in life. The place you are found often determines your future. The habits you do everyday determines your future. Therefore, check your everyday habits and places where you are often found and decide whether they are leading you to success or failure.

You cannot just become success or failure overnight. Your success or failure is dependent on what you often do.

1Timothy 4:13,15 “Until I arrive, give your full concentration to the public reading of Scripture, to exhorting, and to teaching. … Think on these things. Devote your life to them so that everyone can see your progress.”

Paul tells Timothy that certain habits would lead to his progress. He didn’t just pray for him only, but also told him to practice certain Christian habits.

So develop good practices and see your life change for better.  Prayer and Devotion to the Word of God should be part of them.


I am from above and not from below. My life is programmed for success and victory. Am a winner because greater is He who is in me than the one who is on the world. My habits are for the gloey of God. Am a success now and always. In Jesus Name. Amen.