Anglican Church opens Malosa Filling Station


The Anglican Diocese of Uppershire has opened Malosa Filling Station which will be managed by Mount Meru.

Mount Meru and the diocese have signed an agreement to work together in the operation of the filling station for 20 years.

Over 120 million kwacha has been pumped in for the filling station to be operational.

Bishop Malasa said for the church to do its work, there is need for finances and the agreement will help the both the church and the company.

“This agreement will benefit both the church and the company, the church will have money for the operations of the diocese from the filling station,” said Bishop Malasa.

Malasa added that the Diocese will open other two filling stations in Mwanza and Malindi in Mangochi to enhance finances of the church and stop depending on people’s pockets.

Senior Chief Malemia said he is happy that the filling station is operational saying it will help in the development of the area and also will make other youth in the area to get jobs.

“There is no chief who does not need development in his area, the filling station will change the face of Malosa and improve the economic standards of the area.” Said senior Chief Malemia.

Senior Chief Malemia added that the relationship between the diocese and the community will continue to be cordial and pledged to safeguard the filling station.

He asked Group Village Headmen, Village Headmen and the community to take care of the filling station and make sure that no theft incident should take place at the filling station.

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