Drug abuse among youths worries Bishop Simama


Founder of Glorious Light International Church Bishop  Abraham Simama has expressed concern over alcohol and drug abuse among youths in the country .

Simama made the statement during a press briefing which was conducted at the Church in Lilongwe on Thursday aimed at announcing a youth seminar which will going to happen at the Church.

Speaking after the press briefing , Bishop Simama said that youth of nowadays are involved in bad ways to the extent that they do not have time to go to church.

He added that poverty  has made the future leaders to go astray in a brink of an eye and parents are no longer respected with their own children not because they  cannot upbring them in Christianity way but because of the devil.

“We have noticed that there is a need to do something. We have come with a solution to our youth. We are calling youths out there to come and attend Youth Seminar which is going to take place here at Glorious Light International Church in Lilongwe from 3rd and 4th September.

“Registration has started for those who want to be prayed and witness the hand of Lord working. This seminar is for free and any youth including married people are encouraged to participate,” he said.

He then said that the event is going to be attended by international player partners and currently they have received delegates from Nigeria and they are going to be joined by prophets Yanka and Annie.

Bishop Simama also told journalists that the church is going to support 1500 families from Mchesi, Kawale, Mtsiliza, Kawale with food items which among of the is flour from 5th to 6th Semester.

“Whatever God has given to us it should change the life of someone. We believe   in changing life and changing people through God’s power, bless others so that you can be blessed,” he explained.

The seminar will be conducted under the theme of “Jesus Christ my Changer.”

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