MCP supporters attack Colleen Zamba

Ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters have attacked Secretary to the President and Cabinet Colleen Zamba for allegedly disrespecting the party.

A video shared on social media show about 25 MCP women in party uniforms dancing outside an event hall and singing ‘Watukwana Chipani’ (you have disrespected the party) song.

Zamba then came out of the hall to board her vehicle and as she was passing by the group of women, the women in MCP uniforms started singing and dancing with more energy while pointing fingers at her until she was whisked away.

“Watukwana Chipani iweyo, kumeneko nkulakwa (You have disrespected the party, that is wrong),” the women sang.

Reports indicate that Zamba, who was appointed as SPC in May, has introduced a policy barring the party women from attending President Lazarus Chakwera’s official government functions.

Further reports indicate that MCP women were denied entry at a recent government function presided over by President Chakwera. This has angered the women and they have directed their anger at Zamba.

On social media, Malawians have since faulted the women over their conduct.

“Our levels of impunity has gone so high that we fight the person who’s doing the right thing. In such leader gathering, why should the party women be involved? The error of politicising everything is hitting us hard,” on person said.

Others also noted that party women usually make noise and constantly interrupts the president when he is delivering official speech.


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