Chakwera’s ‘cheerleaders’ spoil African Bar Association conference


Decent event gone bad as Malawi President’s cheerleaders turned the opening ceremony of African Bar Association Annual General Conference into a political event on Monday morning in the capital Lilongwe.

The women who were donning the rulling Malawi Congress Party colours, glorified Chakwera in the course of his speech through songs.

The women performed in a way they deliver at political rallies which are meant to woo voters, a development which is believed to have spoiled the event.

“Hello Malawi, this is not a political rally, it is an international event for heaven’s sake. Why are we fond of embarassing ourselves?” Reads one of the comments

“Its high time we learned to differentiate a political event from an official one. This is serious business. By the way elections are not on sight.” Reads another comment

Chakwera presided over the opening ceremony of the event which has attracted legal minds from different parts of the world.

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