Energy Minister says regional integration ideal for sustainable energy for all


Malawi’s Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola has stressed the need to have regional integration in the energy sector so as to achieve sustainable energy for all as articulated in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Minister Matola was speaking this on Wednesday 3rd August, 2022 at the 4th Tanzania Energy Congress which is currently underway in Dar-Es-Salam, United Republic of Tanzania.

The minister told delegates during a session titled; “Improving Africa’s Economy Through Energy Sector Market Development Expansion,” that African countries need to work together to easily achieve SDGs 7 that advocates for sustainable energy for all.

He mentioned that all African countries need to make sure that they work hand in hand in creating conducive environment that will encourage the private sector to participate and collaborate, thereby providing sustainable energy for communities.

The minister added that the
Mozambique-Malawi Interconnector Project, Malawi’s plans to interconnect with Zambia and Tanzania as well as the Songwe Hydropower project, symbolizes how committed Malawi government is on regional integration.

“As a starting point, we need to review archaic laws and policies in order to improve Africa’s Economy through energy sector market development expansion. Currently, we have regional projects that Malawi has and plans to develop with its neighbors,” he said.

This 4th Tanzania Energy Congress which started on 3rd and expected to run to 4th August, allows African countries to discuss the unified vision and pathways for Africa’s energy transition.

The Congress also give countries opportunity to discuss the need for access to continued investment, and funding allocation for oil, gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, and renewable energy, so as to ensure access to energy for all.

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