MCP denies involvement in Namiwa’s abduction


The ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has described as misleading and baseless allegations that its members were involved in the abduction of human rights activist Sylvester Namiwa.

The party has released a statement this evening following a press conference by Namiwa and other human rights activists alleging that MCP operatives were behind Namiwa’s abduction on 27 July.

MCP spokesperson Maurice Munthali has said the utterances from Namiwa and other activists are aimed at instilling a sense of insecurity in the country and denting the image of the Malawi Congress Party.

“As a party whose leadership emphasizes the importance of the rule of law, we cannot stoop so low as to frustrate let alone abduct any citizen of this country in the course of exercising their constitutional rights, one of which is the right to assembly,” reads part of the statement.

Munthali has since urged Namiwa substantiate his allegations by leaving evidence with the Malawi Police. He has also advised the Malawi Police to expeditiously investigate the matter so that Malawians “are fed with the truth.”

Namiwa was abducted at Area 3 on July 27, a day before he was expected to lead anti-government demonstrations in Lilongwe. The activist was  found at Nathenje in Lilongwe on July 28.


Activists say Namiwa was abducted by Malawi Congress Party operatives

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