Joyce Banda happy with P-Square reunion


Malawi’s former President Joyce Banda has expressed happiness with the reunion of P-Square, the duo of twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye.

According to Banda, she advised the awarding-winning duo to mend fences when Peter came to Malawi last year.

“I am so happy they are back together. When Peter visited me in Malawi it was a few weeks before their reunion. I told Peter I did not care who did what, I just knew that with God’s help they should get back together,” reads part of Banda’s message.

The Okoye brothers have a special relationship with Malawi’s first female president, which dates back to a decade ago.

On Sunday, Peter who is fondly known as Mr P, visited Malawi’s first female president in Lagos Nigeria, when he heard that she is in his country.

Recently, the group made a return to team-work with a single entitled Jaiye. Madam Joyce has spoken highly of the song.

Peter and Paul parted ways in 2016 due to music issues. According to reports, Mr P wanted their older brother Jude Okoye to step down as their manager. Comsequently, their relationship got sour.

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