Transporters, businesspersons urged to help in fighting human trafficking


Transporters and other businesspersons especially those who offer hospitality services have been urged to help in fighting human trafficking in Phalombe district.

The plea came during an interface which River of Life Organization organised with chiefs, business people and transporters together with officers from Phalombe district council on Friday in the district.

In an interview after the meeting, Project’s officer for the organisation Richard Muluzi said the interface was organised in an effort to find solutions of dealing with human trafficking of which perpetrators are accommodated with mostly business people.

“We wanted these people to know dangers of aiding crimes such as human trafficking, we all know that traffickers use transporters when doing these malpractice and lodges or rest houses’ owners and managers accommodate these people in their places, we were meeting them to discuss on how they can help in exposing these traffickers to face the law.

“Chiefs are here too, we want them to help us that they shouldn’t be allowing men who pretend to be marrying women while having evil minds of trafficking them. For your information we recently rescued a woman from Balaka who was being taken to Mozambique by a trafficker pretending as if he was in love with her, we need to join hands to end this vice,” said Muluzi.

On his part, Secretary for the business association for the district, Wellington Ndalama Nasangwe, said as business community of which transporters fall into, they are going to help in dealing with the malpractice through various means including supporting the move of having checkpoints.

“Our police need to set up check points in strategic areas of all roads including in the borders so that they should be checking vehicles coming in or going out of the district. As an association we are going to sit down and discuss to also see what other alternative ways can we use to help in dealing with this vice,” said Nasangwe.

River of Life Organisation is implementing a two-year project in the district entitled Tigwirane Manja Counter Trafficking in Persons with support form USAID through Globe Hope Mobilisation.

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