Police tell Biwi landlords to tighten security during demos


Police in Kawale have tipped landlords as well as owners of shops and warehouses at Biwi Industrial Site to hire young men to guard road network leading to the site during and after demonstrations this week.

The call was made on Friday at Biwi lightweight industrial site as one way to curb the tendency of some evil minded people who tend to hide their thievery actions in a veil of demonstrations.

This comes in following the looting of shops during the night of July 20, 2022 in which goods worth millions got stolen.

Speaking during the meeting, Station Officer for Kawale (SO), Superintendent Chrispine Dzintambira urged landlords to take responsibility in guarding their properties first as police comes in to cover them.

Dzintambira said the landlords should find young men who should be assigned to guard in road network that lead to Biwi industrial site during demonstrations.

He further advised Biwi landlords to join police in curbing the spirit of theft and vandalism.

Taking advantage of the meeting, he also advised the gathering of tip-offs that can help police recover the stolen items during the night of July 20, 2022.

On his part, Dr Alex Chapondela concurred with the Station Officer, and went on to condemn the spirit of individualism.

“If you want to win against looters, be united in guarding your own long achieved properties,” said Chapondela.

He lamented the spirit of leaving security in the hands of law enforcers alone.

Chairman for the industrial site Malani Gondwe who coordinated the meeting between police and platinum members and landlords asked fellow businesspersons for unwavering support during the next coming demonstrations so that no one should have access to their properties.

Platinum members and landlords have so far welcomed the idea and further promised their total support during demos.

Last week, anti-judiciary protests in Lilongwe turned violent as protesters looted shops, closed roads and pelted stones at vehicles.

Demonstrations over presidential immunity are expected to take place in the city this week.

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