Villagers in Dedza kill village headman


Villagers in Dedza have killed Village Headman Dzomba, whose real name is Sakani Geresoni, accusing him of using witchcraft to kill his nephew who died in South Africa.

Dedza Police Deputy Publicist Sergeant Cassim Manda has confirmed.

According Manda, it is alleged that in 2016, a sister to Dzomba killed her fellow woman over love relationship, and was arrested and remanded at Dedza prison for murder.

As she was in prison, her relatives speculated that she was not being released from prison because Dzomba had taken her file through magic.

In June this year,  the woman’s son who was based in the Republic of South Africa died after a long illness. The body was repatriated to Chimphandu (Malawi) for burial.

Soon after burial, Geresoni’s relatives implicated him to have had a hand, both in the death of his nephew and the continued incarceration of his sister in prison.

Instead of logging complaint to police, Dzomba logged his complaint to Group village man Chimphandu where a hearing  ended in chaos and both parties returned to their respective homes without reaching a compromise.

A moment later, nine of Dzomba’s relatives stormed his house with different weapons in their hands. They snatched Dzomba from the hands of his children and started assaulting him mercilessly.

When he became unconscious, they took him out of his house and stoned him to death. Meanwhile police have condemned G.V.H Chimphandu for handling critical case which was beyond his jurisdiction.

Last week, Dedza Police through office of public relations conducted sensitization campaign in the area of group village man Chimphandu, and Chimphandu himself agreed to refer any criminal related cases to police.

Dzomba hailed from Chimphandu village in the area of Traditional Authority Kasumbu in Dedza.

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