Malawians liken CFT to a security company


Citizens for Transformation (CFT) has been mocked on social media and has been compared to a security company due to the uniforms which are worn by its members.

CFT is a political organisation formed by Timothy Mtambo who is the current Minister of  National Unity and Civic Education in the Lazarus Chakwera administration. Today, CFT held a press briefing in Lilongwe to comment on issues of corruption.

However, the regalia worn by the CFT members has amused people on social media, some of whom have likened the political organisation to a security company.

“I strongly believe CFT would make a great security company,” commented William Likonde on a Facebook post about the press briefing.

Another person said: “I see a Security company addressing us.”

Others wondered if CFT is a paramilitary organization.

“Is this a civil society organization or a paramilitary organization? They look so intimidating and scary,” said one person.

Another person said: “Kodi is this a military group Izizitu koma osamazitsekerera generally. (Is this a military group? This should not be tolerated).”

During the press briefing, CFT members led by Chimwemwe Maunde, the grouping’s publicity secretary, praised Chakwera saying he is doing well in the fight against corruption.

The CFT members also said they want everyone who has been accused of corruption to be prosecuted. On this note, the grouping called on Vice President Saulos Chilima to respect the law and and not to block the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) from investigating him.

The grouping also urged the ACB to focus on corruption cases which happened during previous administrations and not just current ones.

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