Mangochi divided over Thursday’s anti-Tonse demos


As Mangochi Human Rights Ambassadors is set to hold anti Tonse Alliance demonstrations on Thursday, some residents in the district have faulted the grouping over the protests and they have said they will not participate.

The Mangochi Human Rights Ambassadors earlier this week announced plans to hold protests to force the Tonse government to resign owing to what they claim is a high cost of living and failed promises.

The grouping says the Tonse government has completely failed claiming up to now there are rampant cases of corruption, most youths are still jobless and says the high cost of living is just too much, hence the demonstrations.

However, with few hours away to the protests, some communities in the district says they will not participate claiming the objectives of the demonstrations are so suspicious.

One of the residents, Cassim Jabali Anas who spoke to the local media said more people in the district are ignorant of the protests and  the organizers have already ferried some protesters from neighboring districts.

“I just saw the poster that’s going around, and it’s astonishing to discover that the people spearheading the protests aren’t even from Mangochi. Some are even coming from Chiradzulu. “It just shows they’re up for something fishy,” said Anas.

Iqbal Mussa from M’baluku says the protests are too political and has since asked the organizers to just call off their demonstrations.

“It’s just politics at play. We are all aware that Malawi is facing hardships as a result of the global economic crisis. Even the United States of America is experiencing economic difficulties.

“What about our country, which is largely reliant on foreign aid? Forth terms of corruption, we’ve seen President Lazarus Chakwera put in a lot of effort to curb it. For example, he recently requested that the ACB director prepare a report on the cases she is currently working on. Why can’t we just wait and see what happens?” said Mussa.

Mussa feels that the opposition is behind the demonstrations and he has also questioned DPP’s call for referendum.

“We know who’s been making noise recently. We know where the referendum request originated. As a result, it’s easy to speculate about the source of sponsorship. “It’s just politics at work,” he added.


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