Not sweet enough: Namadingo removes Sugar from shelf


The sugar was not sweet enough for Malawi’s multi-award winning singer Namadingo. The artist, having lost patience with the song not being sweet enough chose to delete from YouTube his first song of 2022.

It is not yet clear as to why the musician has erased the product on the platform.

However, some people believe his latest song Tikamazapita has influenced the Zambian based artist to delete the song, given the positive feedback it is receiving from the audience.

Sugar which came out last month, has been subject to criticism from the receiving end. A majority of the audience believe it does not match the hype which preceded its release.

Prior to the release, Namadingo made unbearable noise on social media platforms. He rated Sugar as the next big tune in the industry.

The deleted tune addresses the theme of love. In the song, the character tells his lover that he wants to be enjoying their love to the brim.

“When I give myself to love/there is nothing holding back/no looking back/all the time I gat your back,” sounds part of the song.

Namadingo is yet to comment as to why he has chosen to delete the song. It is possible that Namadingo was unable to find more packets of sugar to sweeten the song due skyrocketing prices, that deletion was the only option.

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