Security guard rewarded with K240,000 after giving back lost phone


A security guard in Blantyre has been rewarded with K240,000 after he kept safe a lost phone for days before giving it back to the owner.

Facebook  user Dannie Grant Phiri lost his on May 3 in the evening. He suspected that the phone slipped out of the car seat after he got out of the car outside a house at Chigumula Viphya.

“I’ve called it a number of times. It’s calling but not getting answered. I suspect I forgot to unmute it when getting out of a late meeting,” Phiri wrote in a Facebook post on May 4.

On May 6, Phiri went to the place where he lost the phone and asked the guard if he had seen the phone.

The guard, Petulo Ludovic Ngozo, said he found it on the morning of May 4 after he reported for work.

“I was hoping the owner would come for it one day,” Ngozo told Phiri.

Ngozo unwrapped the phone from several layers of plastic and demanded Phiri to prove that the phone was his by unlocking it in Ngozo’s presence.

After Phiri unlocked the phone, Ngozo was convinced and he talked about how he was relieved that he was no longer keeping the expensive phone.

After Phiri wrote on social media the story of how he was reunited with his phone, his friends decided to reward Ngozo with money and the amount sent to Phiri totaled K240,000.

Phiri gave Ngozo the money today.

“Thank you people. You’ve made a wonderful incident into a memorable event. I hope it inspires other people, as well as us, to always be honest in all our endeavours.

“Tomorrow, I’m seeing him for an tête-à-tête about his ambitions, etc. Some of the friends would like to explore other ways in which they can help him,” Phiri wrote today.