Kenani praises Chakwera


Social commentator Onjezani Kenani says Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera “must be highly commended for upholding free speech” in the country.

Kenani praised Chakwera this morning after the president said yesterday that people in the country are free to provide his administration with constructive criticism.

“The President must be highly commended for upholding free speech. Yesterday he said his government is not beyond reproach, and everyone should feel free to speak out where they see things going wrong. Thank you, Mr. President,” wrote Kenani on Facebook.

Mr Kenani also endorsed Chakwera in the 2020 presidential elections but he has also at times been critical of the Chakwera administration especially over its fight against corruption.

Speaking at Nkhoma CCAP yesterday, Chakwera said: “Malawi is a democratic country where people have the freedom of speech and association hence everyone is free to criticize and also provide my leadership some guidance as we work towards developing the country.”

Chakwera’s remarks about welcoming criticism came days after a nurse based in Ntcheu was arrested for allegedly insulting the president on social media.

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