Namadingo delivers Sugar before Illovo


Tseketseke! That sums up Patience Namadingo’s 2022 debut release titled “Sugar” which has already packed in thousands of YouTube views.

Patience Namadingo dropped his song on the 7th of May 2022 and in less than 24 hours the song titled “sugar” has hit more than 56 thousand views on YouTube.

Many Malawians are in awe of this song. Namadingo in the song explains that when it comes to love, he wants to feel sweet like Sugar. He says he is tired of being cheated on and not loved properly and wants nothing but sweetness when it comes to love. He further says that when it comes to love he gives his whole self and when it doesn’t work, out he leaves for good.

“This song is great and the fact that you embed English in it, I can surely say it’s fire, the beat has stimulated imagination of you dancing to it, you know that Sakaka type dance,” says one commenter on YouTube who was left mesmerized by “Sugar”.

For some people, the song has brought back memories of previous relationships where they were left broken and are now looking for love that is sweet like sugar.

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