Minister Mtambo calls on Malawians to refrain from mob justice


Minister of National Unity Timothy Mtambo has asked people in the country to refrain from mob justice and to allow Malawi Police Service and the courts to deal with criminal cases.

The Minister responsible, Timothy Mtambo told journalists on Tuesday at Parliament Building that it is recommended that whenever there are misunderstandings it is good to use the existing structures in the communities such as traditional and religious leaders.

Mtambo added that courts and security agencies like the MPs are there to preside over justice and make sure that people are not taking the law in their hands.

“As a Ministry we are saying those that are involved in mob justice they must receive a stiff punishment so that others must be deterred from doing the same. Otherwise if such people are not being punished it will become a norm.

“And we are also encouraging citizens to report those people responsible for the malpractices. We are basically asking the citizens that we don’t have reasons to take a law into our hands, we have police and court, these institutions are there to preside over justice,” he explained.

He went to say that they are in partnership with Malawi Police Service to make sure that the cases of mob justice are brought to the book on time.

Mtambo also said that they are conducting awareness campaigns in the country’s communities to make sure that people in the country are aware of dangers of mob justice.

According to Mtambo, his ministry is also setting up peace and unity district committees across the country which are going to be proactive in preaching peace and unity amongst the communities.