I am not pregnant – Keturah


Malawi songstress Keturah says she is not pregnant and concedes to being an attention seeker because that is what a “life of artists” demands.

There had been rumours that Keturah was pregnant and the musician fed these rumours by hiding her tummy in the pictures and video that she was posting in recent weeks.

On Monday, the musician released her new single “Chiyembekezo”, a song in which a mother talks to her unborn child.

And on Tuesday, she took to Facebook live to tell her fans that she is not pregnant.

“I want to make it clear to people that I am not pregnant but I was trying to promote the song,” said Keturah.

She noted that some people have been describing her conduct as attention seeking but she argued that it is the “life of an artist” to act that way.

“If you see a problem in what I do, I apologize to you, I am sorry but I will always be here for the people that love me,” said Keturah.

She also vowed to continue being an example to young people considering that she usually preach about moral issues hence people do not expect her to get pregnant before getting married.

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