Rumphi Council under fire over 15.9 million Malawi Kwacha toilet


Rumphi District Council has come under fire over its claims that it used K15.9 million to construct a small toilet.

Rumphi Development and Accountability Forum-RUDAF in conjunction with Civil Society Organization Network in the district have demanded an explanation from the council on how such an amount of money was spent in constructing the toilet which is at the guardian shelter within Rumphi district hospital premises.

Speaking to the local media, RUDAF chairperson Moir Walita described the toilet as small and substandard toilet.

Malawians on social media have also questioned the amount mentioned, with many accusing the council of inflating the cost of the project.

“I agree with Mr Moir walita that it is small and substandard, again the amount mentioned herein is a lot than the structure and itself,” said Alick Mhone on social media.

“They used about 1000 concrete bricks @ K50,000 entire project. Iron sheets less than 500 pin etc. I think more money was spent on allowances and ‘consultants’,” another person said.

Social media user Da Vinci said: “This structure cannot cost more than 6Million. I think they need to give us the Bills of Quantities and on what merits they were based on.”

Some argued that the project is evidence of the levels of corruption in Malawi.

“Malawi will never develop by any means, corruption is the norm, leaders enrich themselves and no one questions it. And they pass it on to next generations. The way Malawi leaders practice corruption it even shocks the devil himself,” a social media user said.

Speaking to Zodiak, district commissioner for Rumphi Emmanuel Bulukutu insisted that no money was mismanaged during construction of the toilet.

He also challenged people who are not satisfied with council’s explanation to take further steps.