Henry Czar: Ichi Chakwera, Salary yake yomweyo

A song that Henry Czar released titled “siyomweyo” where he goes after the discrepancies of Tonse Alliance has been trending on social media platforms and has become popular amongst Malawians.

“That song is on point, it truly reflects what is happening currently in Malawi “ says one commentator on Facebook.

In this song, Henry mentions of the sufferings Malawians are going through because everything in Malawi is going up except people’s salaries which remain the same.

The Tonse Alliance promised Malawians fair fuel prices, affordable farming produce but  instead has done the opposite.

“Izi zakwela, izo zakwela , ichi chakwera zidakakwela” says Henry in his song which means that everything in Malawi is going up.

Henry makes a mention of the recent depreciation of the Kwacha which has resulted in a lot of goods going up including Tomatoes which are now expensive.

“This song is on fire, I hope Chakwera listens to it and he should know Malawians are not happy “ said one commentator on Twitter.

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