Nine Ethiopians arrested in Rumphi


Police in Rumphi have placed in custody nine Ethiopians for illegal entry into the country.

The migrants were arrested on 2nd March 2022, after the Station Crime Investigation Officer and team embarked on an operation at Mchenga Coal Mine woodlot following a tip from well-wishers that a certain motor vehicle had been parked in the said woodlot.

Unfortunately, the vehicle was not found but the suspects were arrested after being found hidden in the bush.

When the officers interviewed the nine foreigners on the spot, it was discovered that they had no authenticated travel documents and they were all arrested for illegal entry in the country.

Meanwhile, the police have launched a massive manhunt for the fugitive driver and other culprits connected to the matter.

The police have since condemned the practice of aiding illegal immigrants and have warned Malawians that once caught they will face the law.

The migrants include Demesa Delamu 25, Memu Deselnze aged 20 and Amanuel Ametg 21. The other six are children aged between 14 and 18.