5000 students in Malawi to benefit from Bushiri’s bursary

Prophet Bushiri

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has today announced that he will help 5000 secondary school and college students with fees.

Bushiri’s spokesperson Ephraim Nyondo said this is part of the Shepherd Bushiri Bursary Project which is aimed at supporting the education sector in Malawi.

He added that the prophet has been moved to come in after his office received thousands of requests from needy and helpless Malawians youths who are failing to pursue their education due to user fees challenges.

“The bursary targets two types of students: One, secondary school students who got selected to public secondary schools but can’t afford user fees; two, students with scholarship to public universities but, faced with various circumstances, can’t afford user fees,” said Nyondo.

On Monday, Bushiri will announce specific details on how students who qualifies can get access and necessary attention of the Shepherd Bushiri Bursary Project.

Bushiri also recently provided relief maize and cash to people affected by the Cyclone Ana in Mulanje and Nsanje.



  1. Am a student from Malawi University of Business and applied Science who’s in a big challenge of school fees… # 0884111873.

  2. Desperately doing a cynical public relations excercise as he realises he needs to do something to improve his public profile with his current legal woes. Its all about Bushiri and less about the students. There’s not an ounce of altruism in these public shows of charity.
    I for one am not buying it and am not remotely impressed. There will be many others who aren’t gullible enough to swallow this. Anyone with any intelligence knows that anything Bushiri does is for the ultimate benefit of himself.

  3. I need school fees as my parents can not manage to pay me due to poverty.
    My name is Mphatso Major a continuing student at the Malawi University of business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS ) Under generic Bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering (Hons) program.

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