Boy, 16, sent to reformatory centre over sex with girl aged 14


The First Grade Magistrate’s Court in Mzimba has ordered a 16-year-old boy child to go to Chirwa Reformatory Centre after his 14-year-old girlfriend revealed that she slept at his house and had sex with him.

The boy was convicted of defilement but he had earlier pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The state through prosecutor Sub Inspector Henry Mkweche paraded four witnesses who testified against him.

The court learnt that on November 30, 2021, the girl left home and did not come back the same day.

When she returned home the next day, it was discovered that she had a smartphone. Her mother became suspicious that she could have slept with a man to attain the expensive phone.

The mother took the child to Mzimba Police Station for counseling where the child revealed that she slept at her boyfriend’s house and had sex with him.

The Police issued her with a medical report form and referred her to Mzimba District Hospital where the results showed that she had had sex.

In court, the boy was found guilty of defilement.  In mitigation, the boy pleaded for leniency, arguing that he is young, his future will be doomed and that he is an orphan.

The state told the court that though he is a first offender, the child should be sent to reformatory centre.

The court concurred with the state and ordered the boy to go to Chirwa Reformatory Centre where he will live until he attains the age of 18.


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  1. The girl also deserve to go to reformatory Centre as she seems to be guilty too. She left her home to go to sleep with the boy! She provoked the boy may be! Why convicting the boy alone? Both committed a crime. The girl needs reformation too. Both need to repent!

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