Religious body tells Chakwera to call for national prayers

A religious body, the National Repentance Malawi, has advised the Malawi president Dr Lazarus Chakwera to call for a national prayer service as the country is experiencing the dry spells.

This is according to the group’s National Coordinator Dr Edward Mikwamba who said unlike in the past rainfall seasons, this year the country has been hit hard by the dry spells and there is need for action.

Dr Mikwamba said the current situation is raising fears of hunger next year and he has therefore joined other sections that are calling for a national prayer service crying out to God so that the country should receive good rainfall.

The National Coordinator then advised president Chakwera to call for a national prayer service claiming, as a God fearing leader, the president is not supposed to be queite when there is need for action.

“Malawians should come together praying and fasting for good rainfall this season is for the bible says we should do so whenever circumstances befalls us, otherwise if we won’t cry to our God, then let’s expect extreme hunger next year,” appealed Mikwamba.

As a remedy for the situation, the National Repentance Malawi has also advised farmers in the country to plant early maturity crops and those that do not require more rains such as cassava and potatoes.

This is coming as The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has set the month of January as a month of national prayers.

The group says starting from 2nd to 30th January, 2022, Malawians should whilst at their working places, churches and homes be praying for all the challenges the country is going through.

EAM has since set some of the guiding prayer petitions which include: good rains, political stability and peace, economic recovery, fight against corruption, fight against COVID-19 new variant, accidents and repentance.