Zimbabwean nabbed for trying to obtain Malawi passport


The Immigration authorities at the Regional Office in Lilongwe have arrested a 29-year-old Zimbabwean national for trying to dubiously acquire Malawian passport

Confirming the development was central region immigration public relations officer Inspector Pasqually Zulu who identified the suspect as Miss Filda Sibanda who was arrested on Monday November 15, 2021.

According to Inspector Zulu, Sibanda who had both a Zimbabwean passport and a Malawian national Identity card, was apprehended during her passport application at the central region offices.

It is reported that details on her Zimbabwean passport indicate that she came to Malawi in 2015 using passport number DN 742079 issued on December 2, 2013 which will expire on 1st December, 2023.

Inspector Zulu added that details on her Malawi national identity card indicates that she is Filda Sibanda Magagula, Identity number V32KS2HN issued on September 20, 2017 which will expire on 22nd October, 2021.

Meanwhile, Sibanda is currently in custody and once investigations are done, she will be taken to court where she is expected to answer illegal stay charges which falls under section 21 subsection (1) of the Immigration act.

Miss Filda Sibanda is also expected to answer section 43 subsection (a) of the national registration act for furnishing false information in order to obtain national identity card.