Third Eye takes another L

3rd Eye Malawi

Has Third Eye become the Specialist of taking Ls? Twitter Malawi believes the Malawi music gladiator has More Room for Ls having been handed one on a silver platter by singer, Joram Nyirongo, over a 4 thousand Kwacha handout?

The Sumday rapper, real name Mandela Mwanza, threw the first punch at Joram Nyirongo for claiming that he had helped “a famous hip hop artist” with K4 thousand kwacha (US$4.95).

“Met a famous hip hop artist. We talked for abit about music. As I was about to leave, he asked if I could help him with 2 pin. I gave him 4 pin, I left feeling sad. An artist of his mature should be able to get support from his fans but his fans are more broke than he is” he tweeted.

In reaction, Third Eye described Joram as “Ana akumipanda” whose fulfillment is deep rooted in bragging. When this punch failed to hit its intended target,the Say It Right MC sent a suckerpunch below the belt that nearly sent Joram to the ICU.

“Matama ukupangawa nyimbo zake ndi izizi???” tweeted Third Eye while referring to Joram’s Broken Heart – a newly released song which the singer claims to have started writing in 2017.

With his tweet, Third Eye pinned Joram in a chokehold. With this reaction, others interpreted that the “famous hip hop” musician in Joram’s Tweet was Third Eye. He nearly had his day.

But Joram was not ready to go down. He clapped back with an undercut that sent Third Eye reeling out of the ring.

“Pali Ka 4 pin Kena mwina mungasiye kunyozako” (I have another 4 thousand kwacha). The Twar ended in a technical knockout.

“Bodied by a singing n**ga”, Twitter lost its head.

Specialist of Ls? Not our verdict.

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