Defeated 3rd Eye cries to King Kananji’s father for help

Unheard of in the hiphop industry. Once a hiphop Godzilla 3rd Eye, has reduced himself to a fossil, like the extinct dinosaurs by allegedly reporting his current nemesis, King Kananji to his father, politician Bright Msaka. Defeated and purportedly crying loudly for help.

Third Eye has cried out loud to his competitors’ dad in a social media post where the cold war started. He claims, King went off-key by attacking him personally.

King Kananji

“Have you heard your son Kananji call me motherfu*k# on songs recently?” Cried Third Eye

The two have been in a cold war, in the contest for the hip hop crown. Kananji claims he is better than the deep star, while his counterpart thinks the same.

In his diss song which came to life a week a go, Kananji claims that Third Eye is not a march for his real name Mandela because he does not have the spirit of the fallen iconic leader.

Some people have gone as far as proposing a physical fight for the two because they gave had enough of the social media trade of words.

“Let them take their beef to the boxing ring, if words have failed let their arms do the job. They are not kids,” commented Dan Mdoko.

Third Eye is considered to be one of the best rappers Malawi has ever produced. However after reporting Kananji to his father, he is being considered as a loser.