Gwamba urged to strictly book artists from Northern Region for ‘mama said God first’ album launch


Self-styled Chichewa Hip Hop landlord, Gwamba, Duncan Zgambo, has been advised by his fanatics, to strictly book artists that are based in the Northern Region for his ‘mama said God first’ album launch in Mzuzu, slated for November 21.

“In both launches, that of Blantyre and Lilongwe, he didn’t book any artist from here, northern region. Why should we have those from other regions here?” Fumed one of the fans on his Facebook page.

Added another fan: “This must be an opportunity for upcoming artists in Mzuzu to get exposed. May you rope in as many upcoming artists from the north as possible.”

The fans were reacting to Gwamba’s post that explored for suggestions on artists he must book to headline his album’s regional launch at the Mzuzu stadium.

“Nothing about being regionalistic. We want fairness. It hurts to see companies hosting shows here, in Mzuzu, in company of artists from as far as Blantyre as if we ain’t got good artists here. Let Gwamba strictly hire artists based in the Northern Region,” said Kamoto Muyawa, another fan.

The ‘Zizakhala better’ father, who seems to be geared for the event, earlier on pinpointed Wakisa James, an urban music upcoming artist, based in Mzimba, to be one of the supporting artists thereat.

“Besides Wakisa James, he must also consider Thondwa and Vocalist Lick C. These two guys are Giants in northern region. He won’t regret his choice,” suggested David Sichinga, a fan.

The album launch which was postponed amid Corona virus surge last year is expected to be one of the memorable shows in Mzuzu.

“We’re ready to flood Mzuzu stadium. In fact, we’d overflow it. We love Gwamba. We can’t wait,” said another loyalist.

The album that consists of about eleven songs, features both local and International artists like Lawi, Fredo Kiss and Beracah, among others.

Kell Kay, Charisma and Martse are expected to perform at the show.

There was no comment on the matter from Gwamba.