Gwamba blasts critics: Calls them hypocrites


Gospel artist Duncan Gwamba Zgambo has hit back at people who are criticizing him for publicizing his charity works.

In response to his critics on social media, the rapper has said those who are criticizing him for doing good works are hypocrites.

“Jesus performed his miracles in public. I will publicise all my charity works. If you have a problem with it, you are a hypocrite and you have personal hatred,” reads his response in partial

According to the artist, publicising good deeds is good because it inspires others. He has also encouraged those that give in silence to stick to their style.

Earlier today, Gwamba announced his plan to empty his bank account with the aim of reaching out to the poor.

His move inspired negative criticism from some quarters. Some people believe that as a good news preacher through music, he should not apply any effort to expose his good deeds.

The former secular artist has also been attacked by his fellow musicians for publicising his good works. Young rapper Waxy Kay through his latest song called Bola Suffix, attacks Gzambo for such behaviour.

Since he rose to stardom, Gwamba has among others managed to sponsor people`s education and raise funds for fellow musicians among others.