Mangochi records 36 road accidents in five months

Mangochi Police Station has registered 36 road accidents this year, with four motorcyclists being among those who have lost their lives through the accidents.

Deputy Publicist for the Station Amina Tepani Daudi said a total ten people have been killed in accidents in the district this year.

To reduce accidents, Police and department of road traffic have registered 25 motorcycles.

The police have also been impounding uninsured motorcycles, unregistered motorcycles and motorcycles belonging to riders found without licence or crash helmets.

Daudi said that the initiative was rolled out in the afternoon of May 21, 2021 at Bakili Muluzi Highway.

“This is being done to enforce motorcycle registration and reduce road accidents in the district, Mangochi Police embarked on an intensive traffic check where 16 motorcycles have been impounded for violating Road Traffic Act,” she said.

She added that the traffic checks targeted motorcyclists most of whom are negligent on the road, hence they become victims of avoidable road accidents.

“Additionally, it is difficult to trace the offenders when they are involved in hit and run accidents since most of the motorcycles are not registered,” she explained.