Caleb Thole deserves a statue at Muluzi’s BCA


Malawians have praised Caleb Thole for buying a car for musician Joseph Nkasa with some saying he deserves a statue inside Bakili Muluzi’s BCA.

Thole who is chairperson for Centre for Sports, Culture and Arts (Cesca) handed over the vehicle to Nkasa yesterday, fulfilling a pledge which he made in March.

Nkasa was also promised a vehicle in 2002 by the then President of Malawi, Bakili Muluzi, but the musician never got the car.

Malawians now say Thole should get a statue at Muluzi’s house in Blantyre.

“Caleb Thole deserves a statue in Muluzi compound,” said one Malawian on social media.

On Thole’s Facebook page, Malawians have also hailed the businessperson for fulfilling his pledge.

“God will bless you abundantly chief Caleb Thole. Your love is out of this world. Even a whole president could not fulfill a similar promise. May God grand you all the wishes of your heart. Stay,” said Isaac Mangulenje.

While Moffat Murdycox Simposya said: “Only a few knows how to promise and honor their promises, bravo for the fulfilment. otherwise wise you could have given a topic of discussion in various groups for an empty promise.”