Young man who built windmill seeks support


Twenty-year-old George Kalichelo from Mulanje who built an electricity-generating windmill using scraps and created a semi-electric mbaula (cook stove), is seeking support to enhance his talent.

Kalichero from Duswa village in the area of Traditional Authority Mabuka in Mulanje district, is a talented young man who in 2018 started a windmill making project that took him over eight months.

The windmill and above: Electric cooking stove

His journey started way back in 2012 as his primary school teacher taught Kalichelo’s class about making a windmill, a lesson that brought him the appetite for the innovation and he started preparing himself for it.

Before he sat for his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) examination in 2019, Kalichelo in November, 2018 started developing the windmill using damaged iron sheets, wires, used bicycle rims and other local materials.

According to Kalichero, it was not it easy to have the windmill successfully completed but after several attempts he built a windmill that provides power to three houses for lighting and phone charge.

Recently, the talented Kalichero also created a semi-electric mbaula which according to him uses few firewood and it can also be charged with sunlight.

“Everyone knows that the environment is being destroyed on a daily basis just because of charcoal and firewood. So, my vision is to fight deforestation and that’s why I have now come up with a semi-electric mbaula that uses few firewood and it is also charged using the sunlight,” said Kalichero.

However, Kalichero said he would wish to improve his talent and has since appealed to well-wishers to support him with fees his tertiary education.


Apart from financing his education, Kalichero said well-wishers can also help him with other materials to make some more and improved windmills.

“I will be happy if people could help me with funds for my tertiary education and I also need other materials like; batteries, wires and many other materials,” added Kalichero.

He has also said he would like to meet experts in the field so that they could share knowledge and work together so as to contribute something to the development of the country, electricity wise.


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