CDEDI demos start in Lilongwe


People are demonstrating in Lilongwe against punitive taxes, levies, exorbitant mobile phone tariffs and theft of Covid-19 funds.

Demonstrators gathered this morning at Community Centre Ground, the starting point for the demonstration organized by the Centre for Democracy and Economic Development.

Some of the protesters are wearing red and black “written punitive taxes must fall”, “osaphethira” (don’t blink), “Amalawi akuvutika katundu wakwera” (Malawians are suffering due to high prices of commodities).

Protesters in Lilongwe

There are also placards about the plight of landless people in Thyolo and Mulanje and influx of smuggled products into the country.

The situation in Lilongwe, however, is normal despite the protests as businesspeople are still conducting their businesses.

CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa has asked the protesters to be peaceful when marching.

In Lilongwe, the petition will be presented to Civic Offices.

Malawi Police service is providing security to the protesters and the law enforcers have come in large numbers.

Similar demonstrations will be conducted in Mulanje and Blantyre.