Tonse Alliance endorses People’s Party candidate in Zomba Changalume


By Synd Kalimbuka

Daudi Suleman who leads a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) youth directorate called Kokoliko on Sunday told people in Zomba Changalume that Tonse Alliance government has endorsed Lawrence Bisika as its candidate in the parliamentary by-elections to be held on 30 March.

Suleman said President Lazarus Chakwera and his administration wants to be delivering development projects to his children like Bisika for the country to transform.

The revelation of this endorsement came as United Transformation Movement (UTM) led by its Patron Noel Masangwi is fighting alone, busy campaigning for its candidate Jean Cheonga Chilemba.

Speaking at Nankhunda Primary school ground during by-elections campaign, Suleman urged people to vote for the People’s Party candidate saying it is only hope for the area as well as Tonse Alliance government.

“Bisika is the only candidate endorsed by Tonse Alliance in Zomba Changalume by-elections because the seat has been there for People’s Party,” said Suleman.

He added that President Lazarus Chakwera will not leave Zomba Changalume undeveloped because Bisika is his son who needs to access whatever has been prepared for his children.

Suleman who was a witness in the presidential election case in 2019 also told the voters that development activities go hand in hand with ruling government which is led by President Chakwera

On water challenges people are currently facing in the area, he assured them that being one of the board members of Southern Region Water board, Bisika will do the needful to make sure piped water is accessible.

On youth participation, Suleman encouraged youth to take part in the by-elections by going in large numbers and cast their votes.

However, he warned them against being used as violent weapons by politicians.

“Don’t be used by politicians to take part in violence because our leader plays smart politics as he has been personally visiting former presidents like Dr. Bakili Muluzi and Prof. Peter Mutharika in their respective retirement residences,” said Sulemani.

Village headman Chindamba who represented village head Chabulika commended Bisika for fulfilling the promise of connecting Maselema area with electricity.

Ten candidates, including those from different political parties and independents are currently busy campaigning for the parliamentary seat following the death of late John Chikalimba.