All eyes on you: Cash Madam’s ex tips current boyfriend on romance


No love lost as Herbert Shonga has sent his ex-wife Dorothy ‘Cash Madam’ Shonga valentines day best wishes.

In his message, Shonga stresses that he will never wish his ex-wife anything bad in life. He also pleads with Cash Madam’s boyfriend to take care of his children.

“Happy valentines day my dear Dorothy and Patrick. As a father to your kids, I will never you bad in this life but rather just happiness. And if it’s him that brings happiness to you, who am I to block your happiness.”

“My dear Patrick, please take good care of my princess Elizabeth Shonga, she is too fragile. And when her guitar gets broken fix it first thing in the morning,” reads his message.

In response to her ex-husband’s message, Dorothy says she wishes him the best in life as well.

“I wish you the best in life too my dear. 16 years with you made me what I am today,” reads her response in part

Herbert and Dorothy divorced a few years ago. They have three children together.