Sobo rips off online photos

Sobo Malawi has come under fire from Malawians after the company downloaded photos from the internet and photoshopped them for its social media marketing compaign.

Sobo advert on the right and original image on left

The company took off the internet photos of people carrying or sitting beside drinks such as milk and then used editing software to replace the drinks with Sobo products.

The campaign has led to criticism of the company on social media as people argue that Malawian models should have been used for the ads.

Howard Mlozi said: “Why can’t you use local models from Malawi where is your biggest market of the product?”

“Imagine big company like Sobo doing photoshop,” said Mpha Chilemba.

Tamanda Lisa Linzie said: “Sobo is a local brand consumed by Malawians. They should equally support the local market and use Malawians.”

The company has not responded to the concerns but has continued to post the adverts with the photoshopped images.