We need to be part PAC, says Rastafari community


Members of Rastafarian community in Malawi say they want to be acknowledged as one of the interfaith communities and have asked to be included in Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

The call was made after the minister of Civic Education and National Unity Timothy Mtambo, paid a visit at Kawale Binghi house where he had an interface meeting.

Mtambo (R) with a member of the Rastafari community

The Rastafarian community told the minister that their human rights are being violated as they are not allowed to attend public schools because of the dreadlocks which leaves them with no choice but to go to private schools which are mostly expensive to pay resulting into having high numbers of school dropouts.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Malawi24, Ras Patrick Galawanda, the elder at Kawale Binghi house, who also holds the positions of the national treasure, publicity secretary, executive member of southern African Nyabinghi council, disciplinary committee said the meeting was fruitful as they channeled their concerns to the president of this county Dr Lazarus Chakwera and they believe that they will be considered in all issues they raised.

Galawanda continued that if they will be included in PAC their grievances will be discussed quickly, unlike now where they have no one to represent them.

Ras Galawanda added that the Rastafarian community is large in the country but the media and society pay the deaf ear to them.

Rastafarianism is a religious movement of Jamaican origin holding that black are chosen people, that Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia was the Messiah, and the black people will return to Africa.