Sunseed Oil’s Country Manager meets Chakwera


Country Manager of Sunseed Oil Irshaad Mahomed met Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera on Sunday.

Mahomed and Chakwera’s meeting came after the latter was sworn in as President of the Republic of Malawi.

Mahomed described Chakwera as a great man who will create a new Malawi for all.

“Today is an amazing day in the history of Malawi. His excellency The President of Malawi Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera was sworn in as the 6th president of Malawi… I had the honour of meeting him in person at his residence today after the ceremony… He is truly a great man and a new Malawi has been born today. A new Malawi for all,” he posted on LinkedIn on Sunday.

Mahomed claims, on his LinkedIn profile, to be “managing all branches across Malawi as a Senior Country Manager and Auditor” for SunSeed which he says he helped to “establish four Branches across Malawi in four years. He also controls all of the company’s “stock across Malawi.”

Sunseed Oils is a company that manufactures cooking oil such as Mulawe and Sungold. It also manufactures Sunsoap and Mulawe salt.


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  1. The truth is that this guy is a member of Assemblies Of God, and Chakwera has been his Pastor for a longtime. Their acquaintance has not started today, its a Father / Son relationship. Ofcourse he works for Sunseed but his mother is also a Pastor at Assemblies Of God. He is a coloured not a Mwenye.

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