Secret behind Chakwera’s mug on bookshelf revealed

You have probably noticed it. If you do not pay close attention to detail, then its presence has been we camouflaged. It rests well on Malawi President Lazarus Chakwera’s bookshelf. The mug! Until this week, its presence and meaning has been well hidden – in plain sight.

Last week, the president shared on his Facebook page a photo of himself and Vice President Saulos Chilima in Chakwera’s study at his home in Area 6.

Chakwera in his office with Chilima

Eagle eyed Malawians noted that, together with the books on the shelf, there was a white mug. Some Facebook users wondered how the mug ended up on the shelf.

Chakwera’s spokesperson Sean Kampondeni on Saturday clarified that the mug was not abandoned on the shelf.

“In panoramic photos, the mug appears forgotten next to his books and desperate for an escort to the kitchen sink. But up close, one sees that the mug is for thinking, not drinking. It has the word “THINK” etched on it, and the President placed it on his shelf a long time ago as a reminder to read good books to keep his mind sharp,” wrote Kampondeni on his Facebook account.

Chakwera was elected as President in the June 23 Fresh Presidential Elections and was sworn in on Jun 28.

The president has been carrying out state business from his private home as he is yet to relocate to Kamuzu Palace, the official residence for the president of Malawi.