Chiefs advised against frontline politics

Chiefs in the country have been advised to be apolitical in the run up to July 2 fresh presidential polls, to serve Malawians better.

Over the years, the nation has seen some chiefs indulge in frontline politics to the extent of campaigning for their favourite candidates in an election.

In some instances, some chiefs block other candidates from conducting political rallies in their areas when they are not their preferred candidates.

Reacting to the development in an interview, Political Commentator, Latim Matenje, said it is crucial that Chiefs stay away from frontline politics because they serve people of different political tastes.

“It is imperative that Chiefs should only concentrate on the advisory role to government and the opposition on issues that need their input”, he said, adding that getting into politics only takes away their integrity as leaders.

Matenje further said it is a personal decision on the part of the chiefs, to fight the temptation from politicians, if they want to remain relevant to their subjects.

Apart from this, the Political Commentators observed that when chiefs are involved in politics, they fail to discharge their duties independently, leading to violence.

“Some people resort to violence when they feel their grievances are not well solved. So it is my prayer that our local leaders who are already deep in politics, will think reverting their decision,” he added.

Malawi goes to polls on July 2 to elect a President as ordered by the Constitutional and later upheld by the Supreme Court of Appeal.