No social distancing as SDA members wear masks during baptism


There was no social distancing at a Seventh Day Adventist Church in Lilongwe on Saturday where 11 people were baptized, with the church declaring that it will not relent in doing God’s work despite the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Central Malawi Conference of SDA Church, the members were baptised at Gologota SDA Church which is at Area 23 in Lilongwe.

The new converts had recently completed their Bible class lessons.

Area 23 leader Pastor Blessings Balakasi encouraged the newly baptised members to hold on to their faith and be prepared to face various challenges in their spiritual journey.

Balakasi also advised the church leadership to take good care of the new members so that they should not backslide.

He said: “Though the world is facing a huge setback of Covid -19 pandemic, God still wants his people back. That’s why as Seventh day Adventist Church we will not relent in doing God’s work.”

On of baptised members Naomi Zidana told the church that she is committed to serve the Lord her whole life.

She added that she will help the SDA church accomplish its mission of spreading gospel to the whole world.

“What I know is that we are living in the end times of the world and God wants people who are willing to serve him wholeheartedly. Am happy to be among the God’s chosen family.” she said.

The baptism was conducted two days after the government banned church gatherings due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Malawi has recorded 16 cases of the coronavirus and people are being advised to take precautionary measures such as washing hands and observing social distancing.


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  1. The reporter is i big lier. when he says “according to Central Malawi Conference” who was this person that you were talking to? All public relation officers have their names. Those putting the story should investigate first before publishing a story mixed with lies

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