Youths cautioned ahead of road construction project


Youths around Mpata, an area between Michesi and Mulanje mountains, have been warned about the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV/AIDS as a road construction project is about to commence in the area.

The warning was issued on Wednesday afternoon during World Aids Day commemorations for the Phalombe district at Mpata Primary School ground under the theme “ending the spread of HIV/AIDS everywhere.”

Speaking at the function, Wyson Luka who is the chairperson for the district’s youth network asked his fellow youths to refrain from indulging into sexual activities with the workers as this may dent their future.

“All these developments which are coming here are ours, my fellow youths let us keep ourselves safe, These contractors shouldn’t cheat us with their monies and thereafter leave us with STIs and children,” he said.

On his part, group village headman Khamula said he and other chiefs in the area will be telling the youths time and again the dangers of involving themselves.

“I understand that the project involves so many people and my plea to youths here is that they shouldn’t be persuaded by these people to be sleeping with them. I will be calling for awareness campaign time and again,” said the chief.

He also thanked government for the road construction project.

“It is important now that we will have the good road, we had been facing so many problems due to lack of good road here such as transporting our harvests to the market, failing to get to the hospital among others.


Guest of honour of the event, Agasoni Sompho, concurred with the two by advising the people of this area especially the youths to be guarding their own lives by abstaining from engaging in sexual activities.

“The message I brought here is that this nine month project shouldn’t disrupt marriages and youths shouldn’t be engaging themselves in sexual practices with the construction workers as this may disturb their future.

“As a council, we are happy that we will have this new road which will make this area easily accessible but there is need to protect too our people here from various STIs hence we are warning them,” said the deputy chairperson of the council.