Teachers to stage nationwide strike


Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) says all teachers across Malawi will stage a sit-in starting on Monday.

TUM’s Secretary General, Charles Kumchenga, said the strike will be done following the failure of government to pay monthly salaries of December last year to almost 5,000 teachers across the country.

Kumchenga further said that the government’s failure to pay teachers was a deliberate move by the government itself.

“The names of the affected teachers were deliberately removed from payroll without proper reasons,” said Kumchenga.

Earlier on, the Ministry of Education pledged to settle down all payments for the affected teachers by this month but the teachers are yet to be paid.

The government workers were removed from the payroll for not complying with the requirement to submit their national identity cards to the Ministry of Education.


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  1. Not only for unpaid teachers due to national identity cards but also promotion issues we also need promotion at work. We also need housing allowance we sleep in delapideted houses while our friends are enjoying government housing for free. This year we need another 20,000 teachers promotion. More teacher’s were left out.

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