Epilepsy patient killed by mob in Mzuzu


A mob at Sonda area in Mzuzu has killed a 34-year-old epilepsy patient whom they suspected of being a thief.

The victim has been identified as Vincent Simwaka who was killed on Wednesday night.

According to Mzuzu Police spokesperson Edith Kachotsa, Simwaka was staying with his relatives in Mzuzu. On 8th January, 2020 he took his dosage and went to sleep.

He later opened the door and went out without the knowledge of his relatives who were asleep.

Residents found him struggling with the door of a certain house trying to force it open and since he was new in the area, the residents suspected him of being a thief and started assaulting him.

The angry mob realized late after beating him that he was not a thief but rather an epilepsy patient.

Simwaka was taken to Mzuzu Central Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Meanwhile, the police have advised the general public to stop taking the law into their own hands as the tendency leads to victimising innocent people.

Vincent Simwaka hailed from Mwantawali village, T/A Wasambo in Karonga District.