Mboro holds Let It Rain prayers


Prophet Paseka Mboro Motsoeneng yesterday started a spiritual prayer convention called Let It Rain in South Africa where he is praying for rain, peace, love and harmony, spiritual growth, economic growth, healing and brotherly love in all Southern African countries.

The prophet and his spiritual partners are holding spiritual convention prayers to ask God to help for a change.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mboro said he is praying for all southern Africa countries which includes Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa as these countries were affected by drought.

“I am praying for all countries in Southern Africa. Citizens of these countries are brothers and sisters. I am praying for all African countries because they are our brothers and sisters and besides that when drought affects one country it has a negative impact on other countries. This is why I am asking God to intervene.” he said.

“As I am praying for the rain, I will also be praying for economic transformation in African countries, peace and unity in the government and those who are in power, healing to the cursed, financial breakthrough, and deliverance to those who are captured by evil spirits and releasing blessings.”

Mboro concluded that he has observed that church members in Africa have put individualism first before God and he is asking them to put their differences aside and come together to end the crisis that African countries are facing.

The convention will end on 14th December 2019.

Prophet Mboro has previously prayed for rain in South Africa when there was shortage of water and for Zimbabwe when there was drought.

Additional reporting by Owen Ndalama