Women lawyers to continue fight against gender based violence


The Women Lawyers Association (WLA) has said it is committed to fighting gender based violence in the country.

Speaking in an interview, the organisation’s public relations officer Mphatso Iphani said the fight is not only limited to the 16 days of activism.

“We remain committed to the fight against gender based violence and will continue to do as we were doing before commencement of the 16 days of activism having come to an end.

“As WLA, our goal with regards to gender based violence is for people to understand the issues on gender based violence and for action to be taken on those issues. So ultimately we end gender based violence,” Iphani said.

She then added that the organization has been helping and will continue to help Malawians with legal advice and legal representation on pro bono basis.

Sixteen days of activism against gender based violence started on 25 November and ends today on 10 December, 2019. According to Iphani, the days have not been extended as claimed on social media.

The Women Lawyers Association of Malawi is a voluntary organization and its aim is to promote women lawyers and women’s legal rights.