Concerns over Cool Drop after broken glass and dirt found in a sealed bottled water


… it’s propaganda to tarnish our image – Cool Drop claims

There are concerns over the quality of Cool Drop bottled water following claims by one of the country’s respected master of ceremonies, Promise Matatiyo, that he had found dirt in its bottled water.

Matatiyo shared on Facebook a video of a sealed bottle of Cool Drop water that had a foreign material in it.

“Not a Cool Drop at all. A very dirty drop. Look what I found and am reliably informed it’s not the first time,” he wrote.

Matatiyo warned Malawians against buying the water.

This is a second incident. In a now deleted post, another customer had claimed on Facebook that he had found a broken glass in a bottle of Cool Drop water

Speaking to Malawi24, ZAMM Investments which produces Cool Drop said it believes that cases where its bottled water is found to be contaminated are part of sabotage and that people have been paid to damage the company’s reputation.

“The process of putting water into the bottles is so different from someone shooting a propaganda video and sharing it through social media to achieve his personal goals.

“We work night day, to serve the nation with great experience and commitment while someone is busy searching for company owners pushing for compassion for nothing.

“The company is wishing whosoever is trying to destroy our name in exchange for money all the best. We believe they will find reward after whatever they are trying to do,” a ZAMM spokesperson told Malawi24.

He added that the company is investigating the issue and has involved regulatory bodies in the country.

Neither the Malawi Bureau of Standards nor the Consumer Association of Malawi has commented on the issue.