Lilongwe City Council carry out night demolitions


Lilongwe City Council (LCC) together with the police last night descended on warehouses in Mchesi Township as the council continues its demolition exercise in the city.

In the early hours of Friday, 50 riot police officers demolished, using an excavator, the warehouses near Winners Chapel Church.

Owners of the buildings said they were not warned about the demolition and there were goods in the warehouses at the time the operation was carried out.

The council’s spokesperson Tamara Chafunya said LCC is demolishing buildings that were built in wrong places.

Earlier this month, the council also carried out a midnight ambush demolishing houses, shops, and fences built along the Area 49 Nsungwi trading centre to Dzenza secondary school road in Lilongwe.

Last year, illegally developed shops at Area 25C near Redeemed Presbyterian Church were targeted for midnight demolitions and this was extended to a place behind Katondo CCAP on the Kanengo- Area 49 road which saw a fully built shop with brick cemented getting demolished as well.

Area 49-Nsungwi road passes through Dzenza secondary school to T/A Chitukula headquarters joining the M1 Lilongwe-Mzuzu road at Kamuzu International Airport junction.

Government has also plans to make the M1 Lilongwe _ Mzuzu road be 11 metres wide from Kamuzu International Airport junction to Mzimba Turn-off.